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My classes.
artfulsindri wrote in greenwood_acad
My name is Sindri.  Yes I have a last name, but I do not require you to use it.

I will be teaching Art and Human Lifestyles.

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Human Lifestyles? What's that?

It is about lifestyles. Religious, marital, sexual to name a few. How humans live and behave with each other. The purpose is to educate and encourage acceptance of lifestyles different than your own. People fear what they do not know or understand. My goal is to take away those fears.

Hello, Sindri! My name is Rose Bishop, the new History professor. What you teach is certainly interesting and I'm glad that this school offers the class.

Hello Miss Bishop. Pleasure. I have never taught Lifestyles before, but I certainly hope the students will be able to learn something from me.

I'm sure the pleasure is mine. You've never taught it before? Well, I'm sure you will teach the class just fine. We didn't have this class in the public school that I taught in, but it would have been nice had it been offered. So, good for you in wanting to teach Lifestyles.

Not officially, no. Though I have schooled my share of people on acceptance. It is my understanding that the man Headmaster Jacobs reports to is requiring the school to offer the class.

(ooc - I totally almost typed "warden Jacobs" just now. xD Damn Free.)

Oh, but unofficially you have... well, at least you aren't throwing yourself into something you haven't done before whether it is official or unofficial. Well, regardless of who is requiring the class, I'm glad that we have it. There is so much misunderstanding in the world.

We should meet up sometime for coffee or whatever. Us new teachers can stick together, haha.

((ooc: Hahahaha! Shame on you Free... :p ))

Or whatever. (smirk) I could use a drink, I believe.

Okay, then a drink it can be. Whenever you'd like, I'm sure I'll be around.

((OOC: BTW mumblingmayhem is my AIM if you want to add me up.))

May I be so forward as to ask to accompany the two of you? I would like to meet my fellow faculty members.

It's fine by me, Dr. Grey!

Of course. There is a lounge on the north side of the campus.

(ooc - I think. Jaime said something about a bar somewhere. I don't freaking remember. xD I'll start a thread.)

(ooc: there's a pub :) ))

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