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hm_jacobs wrote in greenwood_acad
Due to recent disobedient behaviours of several students, curfew has now been pushed back 2 hours.

High school students:

Weeknight curfew is now 8PM and weekend curfew is now 9PM

College students:

Weeknight curfew is now 9PM and Weekend curfew is now 10PM

If you have activities, such as work, that keep you from meeting the new curfew, you must sign out and in at the head office.

Any student caught out past curfew will be reprimanded in any way I see fit.

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Headmaster Jacobs... If so many students are staying out past curfew, wouldn't it be a nice thing to do to extend the curfew instead of shorten it?

And reward them for their bad behaviour? I don't think so

But instead you would rather punish everyone? They are just teenagers. Don't you think the more you punish them and take away privileges the more they will rebel and break your rules?

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