Attention All Students

Exams are fast approaching for the High School Students. College Students, you should be about done yours.

It's time to think of what you will be doing this summer. There are summer programs and courses available to everyone.

The deadline to sign up are as follows:

College students: May 27th

High school students: June 24th

Homework assignment.

Write about a time you did something you regret.  Would you do it again?  Would you change something?  Why?

This is a free-thought exercise.  Don't worry about sentence structure or anything like that.  Just write the first thing that comes to mind.  I would like everyone to post their assignment here.



Due to recent disobedient behaviours of several students, curfew has now been pushed back 2 hours.

High school students:

Weeknight curfew is now 8PM and weekend curfew is now 9PM

College students:

Weeknight curfew is now 9PM and Weekend curfew is now 10PM

If you have activities, such as work, that keep you from meeting the new curfew, you must sign out and in at the head office.

Any student caught out past curfew will be reprimanded in any way I see fit.

Gay/Striaght Student Alliance

Alright! So after speaking with the headmaster, who told me I had to get a faculty advisor, and speaking with Sindri. I am starting a gay/straight student alliance!

You can comment here to sign up or you can just show up to meeting if officially signing up makes you uncomfortable.


Greetings Students and Fellow Faculty Members;

I am Dr. Grey, and I have taken on the position of instructor of English Literature at this fine Academy. I understand that many people simply take the subject because it is required; I will endeavour to change your minds about studying the literature that has shaped minds for hundreds of years. If there are any questions about myself or what shall be studied, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


This school is sorely lacking any kind of club, which is, so I've been told, a staple of high school and college life.

So I need volunteers to sign up for being the founders of any said club.

Please post here and tell what kind of club you'd like to start and I'll see if I can make it happen.