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hm_jacobs wrote in greenwood_acad
This school is sorely lacking any kind of club, which is, so I've been told, a staple of high school and college life.

So I need volunteers to sign up for being the founders of any said club.

Please post here and tell what kind of club you'd like to start and I'll see if I can make it happen.

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Well, back home I was part of what is called the Quill & Scroll club. It is basically for students who excel in newspaper, yearbook, or broadcast journalism. Of course, the club could be renamed if it doesn't fit here, though Quill & Scroll is just a fancy way of saying Pen & Paper...though I'm not sure... Does Greenwood already have a school newspaper or anything like that?

A book club is also another... but it might not go over so well because students are already having to do so much reading for their classes.

If you wanted to start a school newspaper that would be fine. I suppose we could combine it with the yearbook and have the same members working on both.

Ohhhh I wasn't thinking of me starting it.. O.o I'm just a new student, but I could give it a try. Throwing the two together would be good, and instead of having two different clubs it would save money on school organizations, meaning the school doesn't have to fund two, but only one. Also, if you don't have one, you can throw in broadcast journalism too, for the students who want to be in front of the camera instead of writing... We would need writers for the paper, photographers for both the paper and yearbook and video equipment for the broadcasting section... We could do an early morning news type thing.. though I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Ms. Blake. You were granted admission to this school so I am assuming you know how to read.

In the posting I specifically said: I need volunteers to sign up for being the founders of any said club.

If you did not want to start the club, why did you reply?

Students reply with ideas for clubs, if I approve of them said student will start the clubs they suggest.

The concept is quite a simple one, don't you think?

I mean none of this in any type of disrespect!

Well, Headmaster Jacobs, I can read, but I was trying to help and maybe get the ball rolling in hopes that other students would start to pitch ideas as well. You know, some times people need a leader to lead the way, so to speak. Being a brand-spanking new student, I would never assume that even if I did offer up ideas that I would immediately be put in the roll of being in charge of one, even if you said otherwise, and I half-expected to be told to let a student who had been here longer to run with the idea and maybe get second seat.

Also, I never said I did not want to start the club. In fact, I said that I would give it a go... And I realize now that you have no qualms about letting a new student start the club, then that is what I will do.

And nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Also, seeing as you seem to mean what you write and/or say, I will take that into consideration the next time.

I suggest you do take that into consideration next.

Come to my office so we can discuss what to do get your club running.

Yes sir. I'll be there soon.

Uh, I'd second the newspaper, or anything writing related. Even a book club? Or an A/V club?

Heck, even a choir? I can sing...

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